This never happened before

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This never happened before

Postby Birdfreak on Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:57 am

Sat in the house tonight and picked up my Remembird to listen to a bird call, when the lovely girl says "A to c" or whatever it was buzzing and breaking up but as soon as it was past that it was working as normal. I turned it off & back on only to have the same thing, just as if the speaker was loose :o so thinking it cant be that my first thoughts were a low battery so let it play a while thinking it would show up as I knew it was low and the red light flashing.
It was all playing normal except that first instructional voice so I gave it a tap and it's now working fine :roll:
Now I am thinking is something loose, will it get worse or be one of them things never to happen again :?:

Any ideas :idea:
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