how long is yours 2= this may help some new folk

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how long is yours 2= this may help some new folk

Postby Birdfreak on Wed May 04, 2011 1:17 pm

:o now your on here

Has anyone tried different brands of battery and what are the results :?:

I always use Duracell but was in Maplin on day & tempted to take up their offer of cheap own brand pack of loads for peanuts. I know I should have followed my instincts and left them on the shelf but I thought I would try them. Total waste of money and back to Duracell but the last batch of these dont seem to last as long as they did a while ago :!: All down to marketing I suppose and the ever lasting match syndrome :roll:

So, how long is your battery lasting and what do you use and how often.
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Re: how long is yours

Postby cblair on Wed May 04, 2011 11:07 pm

Be careful buying batteries when abroad. There are counterfeit copies of the better known brands - that aren't anything like as good as the real thing.

We find that the lithium ones last longest.

As RememBird runs off a single battery, the current it takes from that one cell is more than some of the cheaper/weaker brands can supply for very long. That's why we can't recommend NiMH rechargeables for example.
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